“My cherished garment”: rethinking fashion, attachment and durability

The Countless Lives of Newspapers and the Right to Repurpose

Uses of newsprint

For the past decade, the environmental agenda has been unavoidable for social actors such as governments, NGOs, companies, and individuals. The climate crisis has also reached the field of design, demanding production and disposal processes that do not take a toll on the planet. This article focuses on the overlooked strategy of repurposing, through which everyday consumers transform and subvert simple objects, providing them with novel functions and a new lifespan. To understand how certain elements of design may affect consumers’ willingness to reinvent things, we take newspapers as a case study, giving their plasticity and their many diverse and unexpected functions. Throughout the analysis, a range of physical and social features are singled out, offering novel paths to sustainable design and reflecting on how the industry may prepare objects in advance to be reconfigured at the hands of their users.

Cosas Maravillosas: Temporada 2021

La vida útil de las cosas es etérea. Los objetos se usan hasta que se rompen o se reemplazan por unos nuevos. Según la OCDE, cada chileno produce 1,26 kilos de basura al día, la mayoría de la cual se compone de materiales cuyo propósito podría redefinirse, ser reciclado o unirse con otros para convertirse […]

Cosas Maravillosas Temporada 2021

Centro Cultural La Moneda presenta Cosas Maravillosas: Temporada 2021, un proyecto financiado por el Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Cultural y las Artes, Convocatoria 2019 del Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio. La muestra que será exhibida en las seis vitrinas de la Galería del Diseño, exploran espacios domésticos como la cocina, patio […]